Meetings during the week


South City Church has a weekly Bible study on Tuesdays and a weekly prayer meeting on Thursdays --- both at 7:30 p.m. 


We consider the prayer meetings to be vital for our spiritual health, as we wait on Him for help and guidance at every step. To whom else can we go but to the Lord for comfort, strength, and success in our ministry. Among other needs, we pray for the government and people of New Zealand, churches in New Zealand, the persecuted church worldwide, and missions---local and global.


We long to share our faith and love with people around us, and even in this, we rely on Him to open doors and increase our boldness and love.


Lord's Day


The worship service at South City is traditional in style with a sermon that strives to explain and apply the meaning of the Bible to the lives of the people. We believe this is very important because the Bible is God's Word. 

Our services also include Bible reading and prayer as well as praising God and building each other up with the singing of meaningful hymns.


We encourage all children to participate in the worship as much as they are able. Although toddler noises do not bother the congregation, the cry room, which  has a speaker bringing the service to that room, can be used by parents of toddlers.  


Timings are likely to have changed due to COVID-19 regulations. Use the Contact form to ask for latest information. 

-- 10:00 a.m. Sunday School in the side rooms  |  Bible Study in main hall

-- 11:00 a.m. Morning Service followed by Lord's Supper

-- 12:30 p.m. Fellowship & tea (with a shared lunch every first Sunday)

-- 1:30 p.m. Bible Study hour