The Anointed Servant


Main Scripture: Isaiah 61:1-3


The Anointed Servant

- His anointing by the Holy Spirit is a subject that is underestimated and overlooked.
- Without it, the Gospel would not have existed, nor would Christ's ministry have taken place.
- It has been said that the Holy Spirit is the "Cinderella of the Ball". But the recovery of the subject is essential to the growth of the church
- We should remember the title 'Christ' that belonged to Jesus, and this title meant 'the Anointed One.'
I. The Anointing of Old Testament believers
- the prophets
- the kings
- the priests
**Anointing with oil was a sign of the anointing and empowerment of the Holy Spirit, for the task/ministry at hand.

II. The Anointing of Christ
- He would be the True Prophet, King and Priest
- Previous anointed ones were recipients of temporal, partial and measured anointing. Jesus received an eternal, full and measureless anointing.
- He would not fail and grow weak, for the Spirit would never leave Him
Seven instances where Jesus is "anointed":
a. Incarnation
b. Baptism
c. After being brought back from the wilderness
d. Ministry
e. Death
f. Resurrection
g. His continuing work at the right hand of the Father
III. The Anointing of His People
- Every part of Christ's anointing has a spiritual fulfilment in us.
- Our new birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection is the extension of the anointing of Jesus.
- Our union with Christ from God's perspective is dependent on the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:9, 15)
May we never trivialise or marginalise the person of the Holy Spirit. He is God. He is given to men that men may be saved. Praise God!